Workshops in Dance and Movement Theater
taught by Carol Langstaff and members of FLOCK Dance Troupe


FLOCK offers workshops, master classes and residencies in dance and movement theater to people of all ages and any level of experience. Using choreography from FLOCK's repertoire, participants will learn FLOCK concepts of breath, energy, balance, phrasing, and awareness.

Workshops are structured around the elements--Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each element provides unique inspiration within FLOCK choreography, as workshop participants will discover as they learn FLOCK repertoire and create new dances of their own inspiration. More than simply a dance workshop, FLOCK teachings focus on the use of simple gesture, body language, flow forms from nature, and acting within the dance. Participants are encouraged to increase use of their senses and explore the world around them through exercises connected to the elements and inspired by a wide variety of wonderful music. FLOCK encourages people of all ages to participate in our workshops, classes, and performances. FLOCK instructors have experience teaching young children, youth, adults, and people with disabilities. Our offerings are suited to nature and science centers because of our unique approach using sensory exploration-a nice blend of science and art. We love the chance to share and to learn.

NEW — FLOCK is now running special sessions for Teaching Teachers!


All workshops include:
warm-ups with breath exercises and stretching;
teaching of at least four pieces from FLOCK's repertoire, one from each element;
opportunity for improvisation;
wide variety of wonderful music;


(1 1/2 hours/$150) A wonderful way to introduce FLOCK concepts to a wide range of participants. Generally offered in or near communities in which FLOCK will be performing.


(Half day (three hours)/$300; Full day (five hours)/$500) Participants have a chance to develop their own choreographies and create around the elements. Some activities will take place outside, using direct contact with the elements for inspiration.


(3 to 5 days, 1-3 hours per day/cost varies) In a series of workshops, the group will together build several pieces, learning choreographies which leave ample space for creation and improvisation. Residencies are well suited to school or camp situations, and may be tailored to meet the needs and goals of your group.