Flock Spring 2013 Newsletter


The sap is flowing for Flock.  The accumulated drips of ideas, music, dancers, and space distill into many new and revisited projects. 

Museum Pieces II comes to AVA Gallery Thursday, April 18 at 6pm. (Admission free) Flock Dance Troupe will be bringing a collection of works holding meaning and expression using the same vocabulary a painter or sculptor would use.   Dance is music made visual, sculpture in motion. Motion is added, and a kinetic experience of breath/phrasing happens. Witnessing Flock material up close brings viewers an opportunity to see the details of expression and breath.  The observer gets to participate, viewing from within, as is personal to self.  

This appears to be the year of the young boy for Flock. Kristov Bardales and Sage White Cloud will both appear in “ICE” at AVA Gallery.  They are part of the process of readying to perform, holding an excitement and purposeful energy to be stretched and challenged beyond their past experience.  Flock continually tries to do this.

Our Intern program is gathering an unusual flow of young men joining Flock this summer.  The Interns, along with performing and production work, will focus on their Creation pieces carrying specific intent.  Flock is all about telling what we want to be different in our world.  If we can teach and inspire confidence in envisioning and expressing that vision, just think what this generation can change in the future.  

        REGENDER will be remounted this summer, bringing back all the twistings and turnings of male and female energy and where that takes us.  The material is still so relevant.  It amazes me to experience our country’s same dreadful focus on greed, forcing, and grabbing for money.  In the end it’s a matter of:  "raising a fist or lending a hand”.   Flock’s choreography tells of these choices, makes us rethink what we’re about.

  In a foreshadowing of our REGENDER show for this summer a new solo work “Rough Soft” has been created - showing the need to accept all parts of our make up.

   In working to prepare for all these projects we also need funds to support our work.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to Flock Dance Troupe.  In particular we have several scholarships we would like to make happen.

   And, most of all, please join us at a performance.

   We offer that possibilities are endless.

                                         Carol Langstaff