FLOCK offers full-length performances, mini performances called Sightings, classes and workshops for the general public, schools and other organizations.


Summer Internships

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Through training, creating, learning performance skills, participants will gain the experience that being a member of a Performing Troupe offers.

Our Programs

  • Teachers
  • Multigenerational Sessions
  • Schools and Recreation Centers
  • People with Disabilities
  • Dancers and Performers
  • "A sense of Place" 

The Dance Troupe offers workshops to teach FLOCK's naturalistic and organic movement to community members of all ages and to special groups such as at-risk youth, seniors and those with exceptional needs. We aim to invite people of all ages to become open to a sense of place and the elements around us (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) through increasing the use of our senses. We teach FLOCK choreographed pieces to stunning music.

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Teaching Teachers

"A Sense of Place"
Exploring your community's place in history and now.

Participants are guided through a process of discovering and expressing the heritage of individuals and the cultures they come from. Involving grandparents and other elders from town, together we explore who are our ancestors and why they left their original homelands. What's here in the town now, and are there aspects of our cultural past that we want to preserve in our present lives?
Through movement we explore these moments of ongoing history, using a multigenerational approach involving exciting, accessible choreography and expressive movement. This can be a self-contained experience or include the stages of creating a unique production right in place.

Eligible for fee support through the Vermont ARts Council Grant Programs under 'American Masterpieces'. Carol Langstaff's Flock Dance Troupe is also listed as a "Juried Artist" in the Vermont Arts Council Arts Directory. Visit www.vermontartscouncil.org for more information.

SightingsSculturefest2005 Sighting, Woodstock, VT

FLOCK offers a series of "sightings", choreographed sections from our shows and other pieces designed specifically to be preformed outside our usual setting. Sightings are a way to see glimpses of our work and also as a means of providing briefer, self-contained performances for special groups at schools, assisted living facilities, pedestrians on the sidewalk, or shoppers at a farmers' market. In content and form, the Sightings address the same kinds of issues of human relations with society and the natural world explored in our full-length shows.

FLOCK can be hired to bring a set of Sightings to gatherings of various sizes, including conferences, parties, and educational venues. We especially like to perform at free-to-the-public events. Sightings can last from 10 to 20 minutes and be repeated as a cycle or varied. These performances are also entirely mobile and can move around in a given area.


FLOCK's corps group of professional dancers work with amateurs from the local community to present evening-length dance theater pieces. FLOCK Dance Troupe presents performances annually at the troupe's home, a multi-acre outdoor amphitheater where the work is created specifically for the site. The content of the performances is based on issues of social concern. Accompanied by diverse music and enhanced by vibrant costumes, sets and props designed by collaborating visual artists. Carol Langstaff's work celebrates the artistic contributions of her diverse performers, who range in age from infants to seniors.
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Community Performance Opportunities

When invited by a venue community, FLOCK will conduct one or several workshops for volunteer community performers who would like to participate in a FLOCK performance for the public. Community performers can be of diverse ages and levels of experience, and FLOCK will give a priority to involving families. Each preparatory session will include a warm-up and the teaching of specific choreographed parts as well as ensemble dance pieces. Community performers will then participate in two or three rehearsals (including one dress rehearsal) with the FLOCK company.



Dancing is music made visible."
--Imogen Holst