A  Collaboration  of  Visions

Seeking Young Creators

Teen & Twenty Somethings
  July10-25, Puplic Presentations
July 23, 24, 25
Star Mountain Amphitheater
Sharon, VT 


July 10 will start a two-week readying process to create pieces: imagining the possible".
Your choice of art form. The program takes place in a magical outdoor setting.

Time will be creatively spent: Training, Creating, Preparing, Learning Performance 
and artistic skills, and be involved in various parts of presentations.

 Residency available

Cooperative living with conscious attention to protecting the environment.
•  Food provided: gathered fresh from the garden or locally, when possible.
• Rustic Accomodation


Residents   $700  
Day  $400         

Scholarships available 
Work programs available 
for college age    

Other Performers

Multigenerational volunteers are invited to audition
for evening rehearsals and performances. 


Flock’s work explores how nature and spirit can empower the lives of individuals and community.  We seek to move our audiences toward a new recognition of our place as human beings in the natural order of life on earth. 

Flock believes in mixed age groupings which enhance the work and produce stretching and growing for everyone.