Since 1999 Carol Langstaff has built a strong resident dance troupe in central Vermont to perform her evening-length "dream theater" pieces. A core group of talented professional dancers develop each piece, then work with energetic and adventurous amateurs from the local community. FLOCK Dance Troupe now presents performances annually at the troupe's home, the multi-acre Star Mountain Amphitheater where the work is created specifically for the site.

Accompanied by an exceptional variety of stunning music and enhanced by costumes, sets and props designed by collaborating visual artists, FLOCK's work celebrates the artistic contributions of our diverse performers, who range in age from infants to seniors.

“Each time I come I feel like I am witness to something deeply profound, and feel blessed to be a part of the energy field, a part of a continuum stretching back into the time before there was widespread literacy - when people learned in ways other than from the written page...




...Indeed , it is by no means just a sense of the historic or quaintness that moves me when I see your Troupe perform as there are cultures today around our planet that have conserved the ability to teach/communicate in the way you teach/communicate with music, movement, imagery. It would behoove many contemporary educators to learn from you!”

- Len Cadwallader



One of FLOCK's achievements as a company has been to devise forms of dance in which very challenging sections performed by experienced dancers are combined with choreography incorporating everyday physical movement and gesture performed by FLOCK "extraordinaries".

This form of professional and community synthesis has also been utilized for indoor productions in the company's wintertime home of Galway, Ireland. Carol has recruited and trained an international group of dancers from the surrounding communities in the west of Ireland. Dutch, Czech, German, Irish, American, English, Ugandan, Chinese, Spanish, and Moroccan dancers have put on ELEMENTAL, OPPORTUNITY CALLS, JOY, GO! MOVE! SHIFT!, and GRACE in the Black Box Theatre in Galway.